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With hundreds and thousands of escorts to choose from, how will you find the best one for your taste? Escorts’ Magazine reveals insights that any client need to know to make the passionate meetings memorable.

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The escorts' etiquette

No successful companionship exists without some sort of boundaries. Companionships with escorts are no exception….

Escort etiquette

A friendly escort are still just your escort!

Men often confuse a females friendliness with sexual interest and desire. Even when he has paid for it, he may be confused by the signals.

Friendly escorts can confuse men

How escorts are screening clients

High-end escorts don’t just see any client knocking on their door. Consider yourself lucky when you succeed with the booking….

How escorts are screening clients

A taste of the exclusive

Shopping in the Glamour Street

Gifts are neither expected nor a prerequisite when you meet your chosen elite partner. Of course, this does not have to stop you from giving your chosen one a pleasant and appropriate attention.

Giving an elite escort a gift is a nice gesture and will definitely be accepted with pleasure, as a generous act, and as

romantic start to your passionate evening. 

However, buying a gift can be a challenge in itself, because what would be appropriate and what would she like?

A nice bouquet of flowers never goes out of style and if you have no references, red roses are usually a good choice.

Gift certificates are always a valued gift, but you should make an effort to find out what kind of brands she likes and where she prefers to shop them. 

Steer clear of chocolate and alcohol unless you know these are gifts she will appreciate.

Escorts' Magazine | Handpicked Elite Escorts

30 selected elite escorts

We have handpicked 30 exclusive escorts for clientele with taste for refinement, sophistication, professionalism, and a sense of sensuality you will only find with the best of the best.

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Escorts' Magazine | Eat light
Escorts' Magazine | Eat light
Escorts' Magazine | Eat light
Escorts' Magazine | Eat light

Eat light, prepare for the pleasures that follow

Any truly professional escortmake sure to take care of themselves mentally and physically. She favours healthy food, she has a modest relation to alcohol, she exercises regularly, and has good sleep routines.

In fact, an elite escort will require alone time and a minimum of undisturbed sleep through the night, when she is engaged for overnight stays. Her body is her temple, and her strict liestyle makes it something to worship.

It is no secret that what we humans eat also affects our health, body and performance. A heavy meal with a lot of red meat makes us tired and less energetic, and it is not a good start to a romantic evening.

And did you know; the vegetarians’ body odor has been found to be much more appealing than the meat-eaters’. So a simple way to remove potential stench is to cut out red meat altogether. If a vegetarian life is not for you, try cutting out some red meat with white or fish, and eat less.

And by the way. Did you know that a vegetarian diet increases the blood flow in your body? We know what that can lead to; an improved erection! 

A good diet has a lot to say for our general condition, inflammation level, skin elasticity, body odor, and breath. So why not plan for the evening with your escort to be the best possible in every way?

There are many top class restaurants offering gourmet meals based on vegetarian ingredients, and if this is new to you, why not give it a try?

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Honey Birdette

 Honey Birdette began in 2006 over a glass of champagne between two friends. Tired of not being able to find provocative lingerie and luxury bedroom accessories, they set out to inject a sense of sensuality into the Australian bedroom.

From carefully detailed lingerie to high-end toys for the bedroom Honey Birdette will guide you through everything you need for the pleasure parlour. 

Honey Birdette boutiques are flirty, playful and unapologetically sensual, with lush décor and champagne served to guests.

Amidst the rows of pretty, naughty things lies the Pleasure Parlour. A treasury of amusements to send you blissfully to the brink and beyond. Create the ultimate boudoir experience with our range of bespoke accessories.

Luxurious massage candles, sensuously potent perfumes made in France and perhaps something to take the edge off. Or put the edge on leather crops, cuffs, collars and harnesses.



"I was an escort" and didn't realize it before he asked to book me again

Ukrainian Larysa ended up as an elite escort after having sex with a gentleman who thought she was an escort, when she wasn’t. 

No wonder it felt such a genuine experiene he commented later.

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Escorts' Magazine | Cartier


Found in over 200 stores and 125 countries and with three Temples in London, New York, and Paris. The brand is regarded as one of the most prestigious jewellery manufacturers in the world. Cartier has a long history of sales to royalty and referred to as the jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers. Unquestionable a suitable brand for the elite.


Exclusive, but not so exclusive after all?!

What is the definition of an exclusive escort, and who can put themself among the best of the best? We look into it, because it is extremely relevant for any client.



How to have a great time with your escort

The experience will greatly depend on the escorts personality, your own personality, the chemistry you have, and your ultimate purpose with your meetings. Because it’s not all about sex, surprisingly for some.



How to select the best escort for you

With literary thousands available, how do you find the one that will meet your needs, desires and fantasies the best way possible? Selecting by images might not be the best way to do it!


travel with your escort

The Royal palace in the air

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Pleasure and luxury two ways, Four Seasons

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Palazzo Versac, Golden Coast Australia

Palazzo Versage

Palazzo – the definition of luxury, glamour and sophistication.

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